Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project Life | Week Two

I'm a bit behind on posting this. Was hoping to get it up mid-week but... you

I am even more excited this week, though! My Canon Selphy printer came and I am so happy with it. I debated back and forth since committing to start PL if it was worth it. The answer is YES. It saves me a trip to Target (if your'e like me, you don't need an excuse to go to Target), I'm able to instantly print photos (no waiting!), and the quality is that of what I would get when I order from Target or Walgreens, even better in some cases.

Anyways. Here's week two!

The full spread. My lighting on these photos this week is terrible. I was rushing. Ah well. 

Left side. 

Right Side.

We had a first this week. First ER visit for Noah. Collin hasn't even been to the ER yet! Everything turned out fine but it was definitely scary!

Supplies used this week:
Various SN@P mini kit cards & stickers
PL "Christian" card
All photos printed from my Selphy at home!

What I learned this week:
-In order to keep in the habit of taking photos, you gotta keep taking photos. The first week I was pumped enough to take photos of so much. This week was harder. I have to continue to remind myself to get my camera in my hand.
- It's okay if things don't QUITE match. I made my date card before everything else came together and I can't stand that it doesn't match the rest but that's okay!

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  1. LOVE that you put a list of things you learned this week!! Great tips!
    I am so happy you like your Selphy. I am saving my pennies to get one soon. Your layout turned out great this week. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Sami! I really do love the Selphy. It may not be professional quality, but it's pretty darn close. And instant gratification is what I'm all about in these projects!

  2. Love the PL scripture card! And super cute babies!! I agree with things having to match but even if it doesn't, its perfect in its own way! Lovely layout!