Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project Life | Week Three

Week three: I conquered you! I was done printing and putting together this layout on Sunday, before the weekend was even over! It took me an extra day or two to take the photos, then edit and post. But I had so much fun doing this layout. We had SO many firsts last week. 

Right side

This bible verse from our sermon last week really struck a chord with me. It is so powerful. So, I had to put it in this week's spread. 

We got to visit our friends at their new home this week! It is such a beautiful home and I am so happy for them. I'm excited to see them transform it into their own little nest (well, it's actually not little by any means). 

We had a tree fall on our house this week. That was fun. And scary.
Noah also tried rolling over for the first time. He got stuck on his side!
He also sat in his jumper for the first time and was so amazed.

There were some KILLER sun rises this week. I am so thankful both kids were up at the butt-crack-of-dawn these days. Collin said, "MOM! Is that FIRE in the sky?" It sure looked like it! Noah spent his first full night in his crib this week! The next morning Colin was so concerned because he wasn't in our room. He asked to climb in for a picture. 

Noah also sat in his bumbo seat for the first time this week. 

I love this face he makes when he talks. He's got a lot of important things to say!

Supplies used this week:
- Target silver chip board letters - from the dollar section!
- Washi Tape
- SN@P cards & stickers
- Pink Paislee Luxe Arrows
- Puffy stickers

What I learned this week:
- Taking photos in the am, once the sun gets right out of window-shot is the perfect time to take photos of my spread.
- Take the pages out of my album helps a lot, too!
- I still love my Selphy. A lot.

I'll be linking up as usual. :) Are you doing Project Life? I'd love to visit your blog. Leave me a comment below with your link!
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project Life | Week Two

I'm a bit behind on posting this. Was hoping to get it up mid-week but... you

I am even more excited this week, though! My Canon Selphy printer came and I am so happy with it. I debated back and forth since committing to start PL if it was worth it. The answer is YES. It saves me a trip to Target (if your'e like me, you don't need an excuse to go to Target), I'm able to instantly print photos (no waiting!), and the quality is that of what I would get when I order from Target or Walgreens, even better in some cases.

Anyways. Here's week two!

The full spread. My lighting on these photos this week is terrible. I was rushing. Ah well. 

Left side. 

Right Side.

We had a first this week. First ER visit for Noah. Collin hasn't even been to the ER yet! Everything turned out fine but it was definitely scary!

Supplies used this week:
Various SN@P mini kit cards & stickers
PL "Christian" card
All photos printed from my Selphy at home!

What I learned this week:
-In order to keep in the habit of taking photos, you gotta keep taking photos. The first week I was pumped enough to take photos of so much. This week was harder. I have to continue to remind myself to get my camera in my hand.
- It's okay if things don't QUITE match. I made my date card before everything else came together and I can't stand that it doesn't match the rest but that's okay!

Linking up...

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The First Three Months

How is this possible? I know, I say it almost daily. I can't believe time is going so fast. Just like during my pregnancy, the days are sometimes long but the weeks fly by and before I know it, the month is passing.

My sweet Little Man. You are three months old now. Your smile is ridiculously huge. You smile with your whole entire face. Literally, your eyes even smile. Your nose flares just like mine and papa Jeff's when you smile. It's incredible to see. Your voice is developing. Unlike your brother, you have a calmer tone - it's a deep, slow tone (your big brother was loud and high pitched!). Except when you cry - that's pretty loud! You said "hi" at 6 weeks old and have been saying it since. No joke. I bragged about it to everyone I could. The way the middle of your eyebrows crunch up when you concentrate is fascinating and reminds me of me. When I look at you, I see me. My favorite baby photos of myself pop in my head almost daily. Great Aunt M said it best, big brother looks like his dad, you look more like me but mostly you really really really look like each other.

Speaking of big brother, he adores you. Every single morning he wakes up, tiptoes upstairs (that took some training) and whispers in my ear, "Hey Mom! Is Noah awake? Can I give him loves?" Every morning. He loves holding your hand in the car. He even gets offended when you DON'T want him to hold your hand. Especially in the car. He gave himself the job of comforting you in the car. You don't like the car seat one bit. So he holds your hand on every ride, just about. And seeing you look at him. It excites me for years to come. I can already see that you'll want to do the things that he does.

As any infant does, you require a lot of my attention. Some days it's hard to remember that you're only three months old when I have so much on my to-do list. But I'm learning to let go. Which, has been a great lesson for me. I can't believe how quickly you've grown. I shouldn't compare you to your big brother in every way, bit it's impossible not to. He wore his newborn clothes until he was 4 months old. You out grew them at a month old! At two months old you were already outgrowing your 0-3m clothes. At three months old, your 3m clothes are barely fitting and your 3-6 months fit just right, and we're even wearing some 6m clothes.


My little man, we are such proud parents. Some days I find myself thinking, "Oh man, whhhat did I DO?!" because I'm so overwhelmed. But your smiles and coos take all of that away. I am so very thankful for you and your big brother. I thank God every day - even on the bad days - for bringing you to me. For choosing me to be your mommy. For giving us two angels in heaven, because each of our angels brought us to each of you. He is so good.

Love, Mommy.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project Life | Week One

I DID IT! Week one of Project Life, completed!

Want to see?!

Well, I'm going to show you!

 Left side

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Friday, January 3, 2014

OLW | January 2014

I posted yesterday with my chosen word for One Little Word this year. 

. . . m o r e . . .

I listened to / watched Ali's video for this month's prompts and printed out the worksheets on the first. I tried letting everything resonate a bit before diving right in. Then, this morning I knew it was time to write. 

Here's my whole spread. I'm including my OLW journey in my Project Life album this year in order to simplify things a bit. I cut a pasted the worksheets into my Silhouette machine and cut them according to size for this layout - which is the back of my title page (I'll share that later). I designed the middle cards myself in Silhouette, too. Font is Pea Mystie Caps.

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